Who We Are …

Xperience is a new dynamic Egyptian Hospitality Brand, founded in January 2011, offering international standards with regional expertise. Through a wide range of tailor-made services and diverse modern facilities, Xperience will raise the hospitality benchmark to meet all international travelers’ needs.

Xperience Hospitality Management is a member of Kiroseiz Group. Kiroseiz Group has managed to develop and flourish successfully many companies in various fields over the past 30 years. Kiroseiz Group owns Kiroseiz Contracting & Development, Kiroseiz for Trading & Contracting, Kiroseiz for Hotels Establishment, Kiroseiz Tours, Kiroseiz Red Sea and Kiroseiz Touristic Construction.

Sustainability Achievement

At Xperience Hotels; we are committed to conduct our business in a way that ensures Sustainability.

Travelife Sustainability Program is a graduated rating system designed to identify hotels which are committed to improving their environmental and cost-savings performance. Sustainability performance is related to successful application of the principles of eco-efficiency, including energy and water conservation, waste reduction and eco-purchasing, reduction of hazardous material impacts and sound overall management policies.

Here are some practical examples of what Xperience does on a regular basis.

Some Results and Achievements
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Sustainability Program

Our priorities are to improve Hotel services and undertake future innovations leading to reduction or elimination of the hazards to the environment arising from certain areas of operation. We care that our employees and partners apply environmentally friendly practices. Our hotel established a Sustainability Policy – a promise and obligation to our guests and associates to actively protect the environment and society.

Environmental policy

Xperience Hotels are committed to reduce our properties’ operational impacts in order to help protect and sustain the environment for future generations.

As a part of our commitment we have decided to:

  • Reduce our electricity, gas and water consumption per guest per night.
  • Reduce the amount of waste produced by the hotel.
  • Comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.
  • Monitor our environmental performance and report on any improvements as a continues effort
  • Train, develop and involve our employees so they understand the importance of the role they play in maintaining our commitment towards reducing our impact.
  • Inform our guests about any improvements and encourage them to help us achieve our environmental goals.
  • Incorporate our hotels and all staff members into local community and seek ways to be an active community member.
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Quality assurance policy

Xperience Hospitality Management was established in 2011 to provide accommodation and leisure services to our guests. We are based in Sharm El-sheikh.

Quality is important to our business because we value our guests. We strive to provide our guests with the service that meet and even exceed their expectation. We are committed to continuous improvement and have established quality assurance procedures that provide a way for us to measure and improve our performance.

We have the following system and procedures in place to support us in our aim of total customers satisfaction and contentious improvement throughout our business:

  • Regular gathering and monitoring of guest feedback.
  • Customer complaints procedures.
  • Training and development for all our employees.
  • Regular monitoring of feedback, taking action to improve when identified.
  • Measurable quality objectives which reflect our service level standards.
  • Regular reporting to management of our guest feedback and complaints.

Our internal procedures are reviewed regularly and our quality objectives are communicated to all our employees through our hotel notice board, internet, team meeting and staff handbook.

Though the general manager has ultimate responsibility for quality, all employees have a responsibility in their own areas of work, helping to ensure that quality is embedded across the hall property.

Children Protection Policy

Xperience Hotels are committed to protect children.

As a part of our commitment we have decided to:

  • Value, respect and listen to children.
  • Maintain strong child protection systems and procedures for staff.
  • Training our staff and providing a common understanding of child protection issues to inform planning and practice.
  • Never hire staff under 18 years old.
  • protect children rights from all forms of exposures including sexual exposure or harassment.
  • Share information about children protection
  • Make awareness share information with agencies that need to know about it.
  • Provide effective management for staff through clear processes, supervision and support.

We will provide adequate and appropriate resources to implement this policy and will ensure it is effectively communicated and understood.

Local community policy

Xperience Hotels are committed to integrate our hotel and its staff into local community and seek ways to be an active community member.

As part of our commitment we have decided to:

  • Respect, support and promote culture, religions and traditions of the local community.
  • Maintain a close relationship with our local community, ensuring that any outstanding issues related to our business deal are solved in the mutual interest.
  • Support the local community through charitable or in-kind donations to schools and hospitals.
  • Encourage our guests and staff to volunteer in activities organized by the local community.
  • Choose to buy goods and services from local suppliers.
  • Promote locally made crafts and souvenirs.
  • Provide guests with guidance on the appropriate dress or behavior outside the hotel, particularly when visiting religious or culture sites.
  • Promote the destination to guests, such as places of interests, restaurants and markets to encourage them to explore the counter’s food, history, culture and traditions.

Support and protect all children where the child’s welfare can never be at any risk.

Labor policy

Xperience Sea Breeze Resort is committed to treating its employees fairly.

As part of our commitment we have decided to:

  • Comply with all applicable employee laws and regulation in our country.
  • All employees have written contracts of employment.
  • All employees are free to enter employment through their own chose and to leave when they chose, without penalty.
  • Personal documents of employees are not retained, including passport.
  • All our employees are paid a fair living wage.
  • Working hours are complying with national and international law.
  • Written disciplinary and grievance policies are communicated to employees.
  • Employees are able to representations to a senior management on employment issues, including the freedom to join a trade union.
  • All employees have personal files that are kept in a secure place.
  • All employees are regularly receive training in the related issues such as working with local community, employment rights, quality assurance, health & safety and equal opportunities.
  • Whenever possible, we will employ staffs that live in the local community.
  • Ensure that no employees are treated unfairly and discriminated against irrespective of their religion or belief, gender, nationality, ethnicity, orientation, age, culture or disability.
Health & safety policy

Xperience Sea Breeze Resort is committed to ensuring the health & safety of its guests as well as the staff.

As part of our commitment we have decided to:

  • Comply with all health & safety legislation, requirements and standards.
  • Continually improve our health & safety management and performance.
  • Provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions.
  • Make available all necessary safety devices, protective equipment and supervise their usage.
  • Maintain a constant and continued interest in the health & safety matters relating to the hotel by ensuring employees undertake hazard spotting as a normal part of their duties.
  • Ensure that the contractors are informed and adhere to the health & safety standards of the hotel.
  • Provide training on fire fighting, evacuation drill, first aid and basics of health & safety issues.
  • Provide training and instruction to enable employees to perform their work safety and efficiently.
  • Assist in the investigation of accidents with the aim of preventing their recurrence.
  • Report any damaged equipment to the department head.
  • Carry out preventive maintenance of our buildings and equipment for continues safe environment.
  • Form a committee to deal with all matters related to health & safety.
  • Authorized and qualified manager to supervise the occupational health & safety department.
  • Provide a resident doctor inside the hotel.
  • All employees have access to the medical care throw their medical insurance.
  • Review and revise this policy as necessary to ensure continues stability.